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August 14, 2013
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The Dancer by DanteWontDie The Dancer by DanteWontDie
Another piece of "sexist" artwork. Yep.
Oh, for not sexist male version:…
Hope you enjoy it.
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Braxs69 Oct 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
incredible work!
CheonHoPark Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Weird I seen far more racy work online, actual human boobs, etc, I wonder why they are giving you all the flack. It's not like your the only one who's doin' it.
It is perfect, you did excellent work)
Firstly I'd like to say I really like this piece of artwork as a whole; She's sexy and it's empowering. 

My favorite thing about it has to be your usage of blues and reds in her coat and her scarf; The high hue and saturation really makes her pop forwards against the more subdued warm grays and browns in the background. I also really like all the little detailing in the lace; the gold on her boots; the embellishments on her jacket; the rose in her hair; and the lace on her gloves. All the little details in different places work great to pull all bits of her costume together as a whole. The piece has great movement caused by her pose, the movement in the scarf as well as in the confetti; you really did well to capture a moment in time. 
I'm really fond of the relationship the brightly coloured confetti has to the subdued background <3 <3 <3

As for negative comments, which are all my personal opinion, I would say that her foot that is put forwards to the viewer seems a bit strange to me, she looks like she's missing some toes . Also, her midriff is just a bit too long and the hip that is forwards towards the viewer is a bit too broad where the sartorius meets her tummy.  That's all just fiddly anatomy stuff though! 
(I'm not totally sure I named the right muscle but you get the point) 

I could write you a few paragraphs on the positives but my cat REALLY wants attention -now-


love your "sexitst" artwork
I don't see how people can call you sexist for drawing what you like to draw.  That makes about as much sense as telling a person who only draws horses that he hates humans because he only draws horses.  Blows my mind.

Nonetheless, your artwork is beautiful.  Continue to do what makes you happy, and if people have a problem or call you sexist again, just remember they're being selfish and controlling.  :D
She looks incredible <3
Zuion Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
:( not fair that male is topless but female isn't
Beti-Young Aug 18, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Wonderfull artwork, I happened to read the comments and I dont know what the fuzz is all about your artwork, its simply beautyfull! and I love the male version you made haha xd 
just had to say this because I dont this it's that important if there's pictures/artwork/drawings of women in these kind of clothes, it's been there for generations and the people 
who complain about it are in a way smaller group then the people who just like it or don't care about it. 
Silly people who have so many luxury time to rant on a drawing, a work of fiction.
I think we whould have our own interests and just get of eachothers back and grow up.

Dante your art is wonderfull, the colours and designs are awesome! :D
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